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McDonald’s Apathy Awards® Coupon!



This Coupon entitles the Bearer to one free order of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets at all participating McDonald’s restaurants. This Coupon is offered in appreciation of and partial compensation for the Bearer’s legally binding pledge of  Total Apathy regarding any and all future McDonald’s Corporation employee-related issues.

To redeem Coupon:

  1. Enter participating McDonald’s Restaurant.
  2. Present Coupon.
  3. State clearly: “I don’t care! Profits over people! Gimme my McNuggets now!”

By redeeming this Apathy Awards Coupon, the Bearer agrees that s/he has read, understands, and consents to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • Bearer agrees to enthusiastically cultivate an attitude of Willful Ignorance in regard to the $15/hour minimum wage,  unionization, or any other future McDonald’s Corporation management/employee issues.
  • McDonald’s Corporation accepts no legal responsibility for any gastrointestinal distress experienced by Bearer related to feelings of shame or guilt precipitated by Bearer’s compliance with the terms of this agreement.
  • This Coupon does not entitle the Bearer to any proprietary information as to the actual organic/inorganic composition of any specific McDonald’s Chicken McNugget.

I’m lovin’ it!

 For more on the McDonald’s Apathy Awards® Program and other corporate public deceptions, visit Liars Without Borders at


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