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Breaking Ruse®


The Breaking Ruse Propaganda Alert System® is an educational tool created to offer guidance to novice and experienced propagandists who seek to deepen their understanding of high-end power-serving public deception.

Its purpose is to provide professional and amateur propagandists (aka Public Disinformants) periodic alerts and advisories related to timely corporate and government propaganda and disinformation.

Most Alerts will explore a specific Power-Serving Fiction (PSF) currently active in the nation’s political culture, the Power-Challenging Reality (PCR) that Fiction is designed to suppress, and the dangerous Truthmongers who work to expose the truth to the public.

Breaking Ruse is targeted to both the rookie who is just beginning a career in the American Public Deceptions Industry, and the experienced veteran hack and boot-licking toady.

Wherever you toil in the Hypocracy — whether you are a politician, PR agent, lobbyist, media demagogue, or a corporate news journo-stenographer — we are confident you will gain something from the Breaking Ruse Propaganda Alert System!



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