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BREAKING RUSE®: World’s #1 Political Lie

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Gideon Bunkum, President & Chief Deceptive Officer: Hello and welcome to Liars Without Borders, where our corporate mission is to expertly and aggressively disinform the planet in abject subservience to the interests of the world’s wealthy, powerful, and privileged.

My name is Gideon Bunkum and this is a Breaking Ruse Propaganda Alert. The Breaking Ruse System was designed to offer you timely alerts and advisories related to current power-serving propaganda and disinformation.

Now, obviously, many future Alerts will feature lies generally propagated by the political right-wing. However, in THIS, our first Alert, in recognition that many of the most crucial political lies in play right now are uttered by so-called Liberals, we highlight what we believe to be the most critically important political fiction on the planet today, a very successful deception indeed, and one currently accepted as conventional wisdom by the vast majority of its target audience – Americans who self-identify as Liberal, Progressive, or otherwise left-of-center.

In fact, we rank this political deception the world’s number one Power-Serving Fiction:

Resistance Is Futile!

Resistance is Futile, according to which –

“The political/economic system is so corrupted, the game so rigged against the average American, that there is simply nothing to be done to change it, and all efforts to resist that corruption are doomed to failure.

“Therefore, behaviors like organizing, protesting, boycotting, demonstrating, engaging in disruptive direct actions or any other forms of mass people-power-style resistance are all, by definition, exercises in futility.

“Sure, things are bad. Sure, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but, hey, same as it ever was, what are ya gonna do? It’s Game Over Dude.”

Resistance Is Futile.

In the world of power-serving public deception, this particular prevarication is a pristine diamond of political duplicity. And It more than deserves it’s ranking at the top of the propaganda heap, for this one lie, this single fiction, has the proven ability to consistently reduce strong-willed, principled, progressive, champions of democracy into timid, mild-mannered, obedient, do-nothing defeatists and futilitarians.

Power-Serving Fiction

Of course, every political lie, every Power-Serving Fiction (PSF), is designed for a single purpose and that is to suppress one or more Taboo Truths, from public awareness. In the case of Resistance is Futile, it’s in this respect that we can truly appreciate its raging success over the years, because the extremely dangerous Power-Challenging Reality (PCR) that this lie suppresses, although undeniably apparent throughout history, has, for over three decades now, been almost completely absent from mainstream political discourse!

And that, obviously, is not merely that grass-roots mass popular resistance against the plutocracy works, but that it is the ONLY THING THAT HAS EVER WORKED!

Women’s suffrage, the civil rights movement, the minimum wage, child labor,collective bargaining, the forty-hour work week, reproductive rights, Title 9, LGBT rights, disabled rights, the Vietnam war’s end, New York’s new Fracking ban, Net Neutrality

. . . and yada yada yada, history is full of such regrettable incidents. In fact, our nation’s oligarchs and we who serve them have almost never suffered a loss of power and influence that was not originally instigated by disruptive grass-roots mass political action!

Which makes the lie that Resistance Is Futile our most important lie, our most important public deception. More to the point, it is our front-line propaganda defense against those groups, groups of radical Truthmongers, who, at this very moment, are working to inspire public resistance to our beloved plutocracy. Groups who, through a naive adherence to hackneyed values like truth, justice, peace, and equality, threaten to turn our corrupt paradise into a world of chaos, pandemonium, even — perish the thought — democracy. Groups whose actions represent a danger, an extreme danger, an Enormous Danger, to the status quo, and whose very existence must at all times and at all costs be concealed from the American people!

Groups like these –

Veterans for Peace

Code Pink

Popular Resistance

Backbone Campaign

United Workers

ANSWER Coalition

World Can’t Wait

School of the Americas Watch

The Ruckus Society

Voices for Creative Nonviolence

United for Peace and Justice

Fight for the Future

The Organization for Black Struggle

Hands Up United

Millennial Activists United

Black Lives Matter

Rising Tide North America

War Resisters’ International

Citizen’s Handbook

Indigenous Peoples’ Power Project (IP3)

Jewish Voice for Peace

Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)

Peaceful Uprising



The Yes Men

Peace Action



United National Antiwar Coalition



Women In Black

Food Not Bombs

 My friends, in closing, let me just say: an awakened-citizenry is a beast that can only wreak havoc upon this lucrative con game we like to call America, and, recently, there have been signs that the beast is stirring: actions against police violence and discrimination, raising the minimum wage, the People’s Climate March, Moral Mondays, alarming changes in Greece and Spain, and many other expressions of grass-roots democracy that simply must be nipped in the bud.

And so we make this appeal —

Won’t you help us pummel the beast back into its usual comatose state? Won’t you, today, help spread the vitally important Power-Serving Fiction that Resistance is Futile? Won’t you help, so that we can crush these fanatical reality-obsessed truthmongers who threaten to destroy our magnificent kleptocratic wonderland?

Thank you for joining us today here at Liars Without Borders. My name’s Gideon Bunkum. This has been a Breaking Ruse Propaganda Alert. Until next time – Keep Hype Alive.

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