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Breaking Ruse® Launches!

In Breaking Ruse on 3 March 2015 at 8:00 am

The BREAKING RUSE® Propaganda Alert System!

Video Transcript.

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Gideon Bunkum, President and Chief Deceptive Officer: Hello and thank you for visiting Liars Without Borders. My name’s Gideon Bunkum and I am the President and CDO (Chief Deceptive Officer) here at LWB.

Liars Without Borders is an international humanitarian aid organization delivering much needed emergency disinformation and propaganda assistance to hypocritical corporations and governments worldwide. Our corporate mission is to expertly and aggressively disinform the planet in abject subservience to the interests of the world’s wealthy, powerful, and privileged. For more general information, please watch our introductory video.

The purpose of this video is to welcome you to the launch of our online Breaking Ruse Propaganda Alert System.

The Breaking Ruse System was created to provide you, the professional or citizen Public Disinformant, periodic alerts and advisories related to timely corporate and government power-serving public deception.

As you may already be aware, the security of our great American plutocracy is entirely dependent on the concealment of it’s fundamentally corrupt nature from the American people. And that crucial task of concealing the truth is accomplished through the propagation of an enormous number of lies, political lies, power-serving political deceptions. Lies that range from — “The rich are heroic individualists” to “The poor are lazy slackers,” from “The rich are the job creators,” to “The poor just need to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps,” from “The Media is liberal,” to “Unions are Bad,” to “The West is in a war against Islam,” and thousands and thousands of equally ludicrous whoppers.

It is, of course, this vast infrastructure of power-friendly deception that serves to pacify the public — mollify the multitude, as it were — thus guaranteeing our nation’s fundamental economic fact: the continuous transfer of wealth from the pockets of average Americans into the coffers of the rich and powerful.

We have designed the Breaking Ruse System to help you learn to be a better liar, to help you learn to articulate our nation’s fundamental power-serving deceptions, so that you may get a piece of the pie for yourself, that is, gain for yourself some of the enormous abundance to be found through helping to deceive the public in groveling submission and service to the world’s wealthiest and most powerful individuals and corporations.

Each Alert will follow a very simple format:

First, we will explore a specific political deception- that is a lie that serves the interests of America’s, and the world’s, wealthy elite, what we call a Power-Serving Fiction (PSF).

Following that, we will briefly describe the underlying taboo truth that the featured lie is designed to suppress, what we call a Power-Challenging Reality (PCR).

Always first the lie, then its associated suppressed truth, in keeping with the charming industry aphorism that “good political propaganda always cleaves to the truth like a fly on sh*t.”

Then finally, at the end of each Alert, we will offer you a list of what we call Truthmongers — dangerous groups and individuals who are trying to reveal to the world the very truth that our featured lie attempts to cover up. We include these people so that you may help in the extraordinarily important task of trivializing and marginalizing them and concealing their existence from the American public.

So there you have it. Please come back and join us here as we explore the cornucopia of power-serving political prevarication that is American politics. Our very first Breaking Ruse Alert follows this video and reveals America’s Number One Most Important Political Lie, so we hope you’ll check it out. And, once again, thanks for visiting us here at Liars Without Borders.

Until next time — Keep Hype Alive!


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